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A piece of heaven in every bite.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Melissa made the most beautiful custom cookies for our themed party that were a hit. She created great designs and the cookies were beyond delicious!I cant wait to have another event that I can order more cookies for."


"Beautiful shaped cookies like hot air balloons in the perfect pink colors. They were delicious as they were pretty. A perfect door present for my daughters baby shower." 


"Perfectly themed cookies for my daughters birthday party. Princess themed and kiss the frog for my daughters 14th birthday party. She loved them!"


"When I say delicious, I mean out of this world tasty. I have never ahd a cookie that looks so pretty and taste this good." 


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About HeavenScent

HeavenScent Cookies came into existence 19 years ago when my daughter was born. My passion for baking has been a lifelong love, and when her first birthday approached, it seemed only fitting to merge my enthusiasm for baking with the joy of celebrations. Yet, life took unexpected turns as we had to relocate multiple times due to my husband's career. During those transitional periods, my creative endeavors were confined to crafting treats solely for friends and family.

Now, however, I find myself in a space where I can fully dedicate myself to bringing my creations to life and sharing them with a wider audience. Beyond the kitchen, when I'm not busy making cookies, you can find me out riding my horse. I am thrilled to be in a position to contribute to your special moments and celebrations, playing a small but meaningful role in your life's milestones. I look forward to the opportunity to add a touch of sweetness to your cherished memories.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Our Cookies

HeavenScent Cookies

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